Multiple Firefox Profiles

Almost all of us want a clean browser while surfing the web. If more than one person is using same computer then there can be some bookmarks which is important for 1 user, but useless for other. Similarly, if one is using same laptop in home and work then we want distraction free Firefox profile at work to stay focused. We don’t need unnecessary bookmarks, extensions, username and passwords at work.

We can create multiple Firefox profile to get rid of these problems.

To do so, run Firefox with the -profilemanager argument. (Before doing this you need to close firefox browser)

firefox.exe -profilemanager


Initially, Firefox’s profile manager will show only the default profile.


Here you can create, rename and delete firefox profiles.

If you uncheck “Don’t ask at startup” checkbox, then each time you start Firefox, it will ask you which profile to use.

To get rid of this, you can create Firefox shortcuts and in the properties of each shortcut, add the appropriate “-P profilename”.


By default you can’t run two different Firefox profiles at the same time.

However, just in case if you would like to do, then this can be done by adding “-no-remote” parameter to your new shortcut.


So, now you can continue browsing with 2 different profiles.



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