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MS Research Scholar in Computer Science and Information Engineering at Chang Gung University, Taiwan. My research interests include Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics. 5+ years of work experience in Full Stack Web Development as a Senior Development Engineer. Specialities: PHP, MySql, PostgreSQL, Laravel, DataTables, WordPress, HTML, jQuery, AJAX, JSON. You can find me here: Linked In Google +

Laravel Application Deployment on Heroku

After creating heroku account run the following commands on ubuntu terminal to install Heroku CLI.

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Ambari Server Host Addition in Ubuntu

Apachi Ambari provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to monitor Apachi Hadoop clusters. The installation process of ambari server can be found here. To add a new host in Ambari server, the host must have Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and password less SSH connection needs to be established between host and server. There are several steps that needs to be followed in order to add host successfully.

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Password Hashing in Client Side

Password security is most important concern in web development. Most of the web applications developed now a days secure user password by hashing it in server side before storing it in database. But still there is possibility of exposing user password in client side if not handled properly.

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Image upload in CKeditor

CKeditor is an open source HTML text editor. For adding CKeditor we need to create a <textarea> element in our web page and call CKeditor script.

We are going to create 3 files ie, ckeditor.html, upload.js, upload.php and an image folder to upload image.
1) ckeditor.html: HTML with a textarea element.
2) upload.js: Script to display CKeditor and Upload tab in image properties.
3) upload.php: Code for uploading images in image folder.

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DataTables Column Filter in Header

To add column filter in DataTable you can go through my previous blog here. Now, we will move a step further and move column filter from footer to header.

Why do we need column filter in header?

If there are 50 to 100 records in a table then every time user needs to scroll down the page to use column filter. To make this more user friendly we can move column filter from footer to header.

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DataTables Column Filter

DataTable is a jQuery plugin with advanced interaction controls to any HTML table. It is a highly flexible tool which provides pagination, multi-column ordering and instant search.

The DataTable search filter works for an entire table. But if you wish to add search filter for a particular column, then it’s also possible with a small tweak. Let’s take a look on adding column filter.

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